The Art of Chinese Wrestling

Seminars and Tournaments
Given by Shifu Gomez - Contact us if your're interested in attending or hosting the next seminar or tournament: Info@ShuaiJiao.US
williamsburghdemo august 2008.jpg

2008 Demonstration, Brooklyn NY

tournamantmaryland augst 2008.jpg

2008, Koushu tournament, Shifu Gomez, head coach

austinseminar 2009.jpg

2009 Seminar with Master Jeng Hsing Peng, Austin, Texas

Italy tournament November 2011.jpg

2011 - ESJU, Italy Coach and Referee

seminar williamsburgh august 2012.jpg

2012 Seminar, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Tournament October 2014 Flushing Quens.jpg

2014 NYC Tournament, Chief Judge

October 11 2014 seminar with Zhang.jpg

2014 Seminar with Master Zhang Dong Wei

seminar at sambo steves  april 2015.jpg

2015 Seminar at NY Combat Sambo

seminar Oct 23 2016 InterceptingWay NY.jpg

2016 Seminar at Intercepting Way with Shif Feliciano

judgesmeeting 9.2.2016.jpg

2016 Masters press meeting in Flushing Queens

Seminar 9.10.2016 at sambosteves.jpg

2016 Seminar at NY Combat Sambo

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