The Art of Chinese Wrestling

There are many traditional styles of Shuai Jiao.
Please enjoy these tutotrials on Baoding Shuai Jiao Basics:

Learn to tie your belt; White or Black a simple skill that you’ll need as long as you do martial arts.
The shoulder road is your first step to wrestling arts. Be careful and practice often.
A good front roll will get you used to getting thrown faster.
Basic back roll, don’t look back, I guarantee the floor will be there. Use a mat , practice often.
Front Fall for the beginner and intermediate
Landing from shoulder roll or throw
Back fall in Shuai Jiao for beginners
Basic walking of Baoding Shuai jiao will help you to generate power while walking, striking and throwing.
Basic Belt Cracking , also known a fighting belt is a great way to build coordination and strength. More advanced drills will help your wrestling considerably.
Stealing Step - the foundation for turning throws.
Cover Step
Chinese Wrestling Leg Press (“Biting”) Basic - Shuai Jiao Yao
Chinese Wrestling Basic Hip Throw - Shuai Jiao Wen
Chinese Wrestling Technique Embracing - Shuai Jiao Bao
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