The Art of Chinese Wrestling

Who, Why, When & Where

Started by Master Jeng Hsing Ping, we are the oldest club in the US.

A student of the late Master Chang Dong Sheng, other Shuai Jiao instructors, a decorated military and law enforcement career, Master Jeng brought his extensive knowledge of Shuai Jiao to the US to teach without profit for decades. This video is a standard for all Shuai Jiao in the U.S..

We continue his legacy.

Monday's 7:30pm - 9:30pm
67 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Getting here:
Trains: 2, 3, 4, 5 or R to Borough Hall
Bus: B61, B63
Parking: Free Street parking after 7pm on Atlantic Avenue.

Fee: $20 per class or $60 Monthly (paid at the beginning of each month)

Choose a location
Borough Hall
209 Joralemon St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Shuai Jiao
67 Atlantic Avenue 11201

Frequently asked questions:

I can not make the above times and days do you offer seminars & private lessons?
Send us an email and we’ll keep you up to date on upcoming seminars. For private lessons, please provide email and phone number as well.
I’ve never studied martial arts before, is that okay?
Of course it’s okay. You have to start some place. :-) When you get to class, briefly let us know of any past sport experiences, injuries and goals.
I have experience in other Chinese martial arts /Kung Fu Styles is that okay?
Any and all experience help you learn. Shuai Jiao is the only Chinese wrestling art and compliments all Chinese boxing arts.
I have experience in other wrestling arts, such as judo, hapkido and sambo, is that okay?
That’s great, we look forward to past wrestling experiences adding to the class. When you get to class, briefly let us know of any past experiences, injuries and goals.
What can I can expect the first day of class?
First day of class will consist of a warm up, conditioning (at your pace), learning applications and utilizing them.
What should I bring to my first class?
For all classes, please wear a t-shirt, long pants and indoor shoes (or you can go bare feet). We suggest you bring a water and a towel. Please let us if you’re interested in purchasing a Shuai Jiao jacket.
Any thing I can watch to learn more about the art?
Glad you asked. We’ve created a series of video to help you for your first class: ShuaiJiaoUS on Youtube. (Please subscribe)

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